Best Dirty jokes

A man calls the emergency room:
- Come quickly, my little boy swallowed a condom!
After a few minutes, the same man calls again:
- You don't have to come anymore, I found another one!

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A guy walks into a sex shop and studies an inflatable doll for minutes, then asks the seller:
- When is it produced?
- January, 2016.
- Ah, no...Capricorn!

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A young man enters the church:
- Father, I want to confess.
- Come on, son, ease your soul!
- This week, I helped a friend install a wardrobe. I mounted it, it started to rain and she says to me: "Well, where are you going in this rain, stay!" I stayed and f......d her. A few days ago, I helped my friend's wife put up wallpaper. I taped it and it started raining. She tells me: "Hey, where are you going to go out in this rain, wait!"... and I f....d her. But yesterday, I was helping my friend in the garage to fix his car. I fixed it and it started to rain... He tells me: "Where to go in the rain, stay to drink!" We got drunk and f....d him. What should I do parent?
- Get out of here before it starts raining!

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