Best Dark humour jokes

2 men meet at the gates of heaven:
- Why did you die?
- I died of cold, what about you?
- I died of joy.
- You mean?
- Someone called me saying that there was a man in bed with my wife at my house. I got home, I looked for him and I didn't find him either in the closet or in the garden, I didn't find him and I died of joy!
- Well, why didn't you look in the fridge?

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The priest at the dead man's head:
- He was a good man, but he didn't really come to the Church as long as he lived.
- He wouldn't have come even now, but we brought him.

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- Son, you were adopted, says the father.
- What? I want to know my biological parents.
- We are the biological parents, now pack your bags, the new parents are coming to pick you up in 20 minutes.

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