God says to Adam, "Adam, I want you to do something for me."
Adam answers him: "With great love, Lord, what do you want me to do?"
God says to him: "Go down into the Valley."
Adam responds with a question, "What is that valley?"
God explains to him and continues: "Cross the River..."
Adam asks, "What is a river?"
God explains to him, then says, "Go up the Hill..."
Adam says, "What is that hill?"
Patiently, God explains to Adam what a hill is, then tells him, "On the other side of the Hill you will find the Cave."
Promptly, Adam asks, "What is that cave?"
After explaining this to him, God tells him: "In the Cave you will find the Woman."
And Adam asks "What is that woman?"
God explains this to him as well, then says, "I want you to reproduce."
Adam asks, "And how do we do that?"
Exasperated, God explains this to him, as always.
So Adam descends into the Valley, crosses the River, climbs the Hill, and enters the Cave, where he finds the Woman.
He's back in less than five minutes.
God, with patience at the limit, asks him: "What is it now?"
To which Adam answers again with a question: "What is that Migraine?"

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