The doctor, on a house call, goes into the bedroom with the patient, leaving the very agitated husband to wait outside.
Two minutes later, the doctor comes out of the bedroom and asks for a kitchen knife. The husband executes himself and the doctor disappears back into the bedroom. After a while he comes out again, this time asking for a hammer and chisel.
The husband runs downstairs and returns with a hammer and chisel.
Now the poor man was in a terrible state of agitation.
The doctor re-enters the bedroom, reappears after about five minutes.
- I'm sorry, he says. I'm afraid I need a crowbar.
- A crowbar?!! screamed the husband in a choked voice. What's the matter with her? Tell me, I want to know!
- I had no way to find out, said the doctor. I've been trying to open my kit ever since.

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