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A policeman stops a speeding driver:
- You know, I had a premonition that I was going to issue a fine today. That's why I waited for you here all day.
- Well... I came as fast as I could.

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Talk between 2 mosquitoes, father and son:
- How's your first flight, son?
- Wonderful father, everyone applauds me!

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A guy is arrested and taken to the police station because he claimed to sell people the elixir of immortality.
At the station, the police found out that the individual is also a recidivist, having been arrested for the same reason in 1620, 1754, 1836, 1928 and 2002...

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Two guys in prison:
- How old did they give you?
- 10...
- For what?
- I broke a window at work.
- Just for that? Where do you work?
- On a submarine...

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The boss enters his workers:
- I told you: during work, don't smoke!
One of the workers, looking at the boss:
- But who works?

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The lawyer:
- I understand you want a divorce, madam. What is the reason for this decision?
- He was not faithful to me.
- How so?
- I realized that he is not the father of my child!

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