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Two blondes were looking for a Christmas tree in the forest. After many hours of standing in the cold, one of them says to the other:
- Listen, wouldn't it be better to take one like this, simple, without decorations?

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Discussion between two blondes:
- Listen, dear, I also have a doubt, what is the correct name, Iran or Iraq?

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A blonde to her friend:
- I've had enough. I've been waiting for my boyfriend since five and now it's already a quarter to six.
- But what time were you supposed to meet?
- At four.

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A panicked blonde calling the firemen, screaming desperately into the phone:
- Fire, fire! Come quickly!
- And how do we get to the scene of the fire?
- Don't you have those big red cars anymore?

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Mother says to her blonde daughter:
- My dear, go to the store.
Blonde: But what do I have to buy?
- You have to buy milk, cereal and chicken breast.
Blonda: Milk, cereal and chicken breast.
- Write it down somewhere so you don't forget!
Blonda: Let me remember, so milk, cereal and chicken breast.
On the road...
Blonda: Milk, cereal and chicken breast.
In the store...
Blonda: Milk, cereal and chicken breast. I will not forget.
The cashier asks her:
- Hello! What do you want to buy?
- Candy.

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Two blondes are sitting at a bus stop.
One asks the other:
- Which bus are you taking?
- Number 1. And you?
- Number 2.
Bus number 12 arrives. One of them says to the other:
- Look, we're going together!

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Discussion between 2 blondes:
- I bought my mother-in-law a "volume control" shampoo.
- So, how is it?
- It's no good, I can still hear it...

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Why doesn't a blonde know how to write number 11?
He doesn't know which one to put in front of him.

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