- Doctor, can I at least have a glass of palinka?
- No, I told you a week ago.
- I thought that medicine had advanced in the meantime.

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- Congratulations, madam! You are 15 weeks pregnant.
- Surely 15 and not 10?
- Without any doubts.
- Oh my God !
- What happened ?!
- I married the wrong person.

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A man whose wife had been kidnapped receives a call from the Police:
- Sir, I found your wife.
- Did she say something?
- Not ...
- Then it's not her.

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Online announcement:
- Hello, I want to work as a van driver, I mention that I don't have a driver's license.
- I'll hire you, mention that I don't have a van, we'll find a solution.

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- Hello, can you give me your phone number?
- Are you a neat guy?
- Yeah sure.
- 0123456789, order them yourself!

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John climbing the stairs after Jane says to her:
- You have an ass the size of a washing machine!
Jane doesn't comment on anything, but in the evening John feels like making love, to which Jane says... listen, I won't use the washing machine for such a small cloth, wash it by hand...

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