Two friends are talking:
- The psychologist recommended me a very good way to fall asleep quickly. I count to three and fall asleep instantly.
- So fast?
- Not always. Yesterday, for example, I counted to four in the morning!

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A group of 200 women were asked about the taste of kissing: which is sweeter, that of the husband or that of the lover?
Among the 200 women:
100 answered that their husband's kiss is sweeter;
100 answered that their lover's kiss is sweeter.
None of them answered "I don't know".

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Two thieves were caught and taken to the police station. During the interrogation they are asked:
- Where you live?
- You know, I don't have a domicile...
- Okay, but you, he said, looking at the other thief, where do you live?
- Across from him!

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A guy hears the doorbell, opens it and sees a woman, who asks:
- Did you save a boy from drowning yesterday?
- Yes me.
- And where is his cap!?

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A panicked blonde calling the firemen, screaming desperately into the phone:
- Fire, fire! Come quickly!
- And how do we get to the scene of the fire?
- Don't you have those big red cars anymore?

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A guy said to God:
- God, is it true that for you a billion years is like a second?
God answers yes.
- God, is it true that for you a billion dollars is like a penny?
God says yes.
- God, can I have a dime?
- Sure, just a second.

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