A man calls the emergency room:
- Come quickly, my little boy swallowed a condom!
After a few minutes, the same man calls again:
- You don't have to come anymore, I found another one!

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The doctor to the patient:
- Do you have an appetite?
- Sometimes yes, sometimes no...
- But when you don't feel like eating?
- After I ate.

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Late at night, the husband, drunk, comes home, his face full of lipstick and foundation. In the door, the wife, nervous.
- Honey, you won't believe me! I fought a clown!

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Discussion between two blondes:
- Listen, dear, I also have a doubt, what is the correct name, Iran or Iraq?

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Two guys in prison:
- How old did they give you?
- 10...
- For what?
- I broke a window at work.
- Just for that? Where do you work?
- On a submarine...

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Two new cellmates.
- Why did you get here?
- Because of smoking...
- How because of smoking?!
- While I was stealing, I got a cough, the guard heard me and they caught me!

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- Aren't you ashamed that the waiter brought you home at midnight?
- Well, if he wasn't free earlier...

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