There are two reasons why women have headaches:
1. They want a man, but they don't have one.
2. They have a man, but they don't want him!

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A guy is arrested and taken to the police station because he claimed to sell people the elixir of immortality.
At the station, the police found out that the individual is also a recidivist, having been arrested for the same reason in 1620, 1754, 1836, 1928 and 2002...

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A man calls the emergency room:
- Come quickly, my little boy swallowed a condom!
After a few minutes, the same man calls again:
- You don't have to come anymore, I found another one!

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The doctor to the patient:
- Do you have an appetite?
- Sometimes yes, sometimes no...
- But when you don't feel like eating?
- After I ate.

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Late at night, the husband, drunk, comes home, his face full of lipstick and foundation. In the door, the wife, nervous.
- Honey, you won't believe me! I fought a clown!

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Discussion between two blondes:
- Listen, dear, I also have a doubt, what is the correct name, Iran or Iraq?

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