A 16-year-old girl answers the phone, talks for 30 minutes and then hangs up.
Her father, very surprised, tells her:
- Wow, I can't believe it, you usually talk for hours!
- Yes, but now was the number wrong.

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The teacher asks the class:
- If you have a dollar and you ask your father for one more, how much money do you have?
Johnny raises his hand, the teacher lets him answer, and he says:
- One U.S. dollar.
- You don't know math, says the disappointed teacher.
- You don't even know my father.

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The wife searches desperately in the library. The husband, passing by, asked her:
- What are you looking for, dear?
- I'm looking for that book, "How to live 140 years", do you have any idea where it is?
- Well, I threw it away because my mother had started to read it!

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- Honey, are you giving me a nice traditional stew this week?
- I can't, maybe the other one.
- She can't either, I asked her!

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- I gave my wife a surprise for Santa Claus!
- Well yes! What did you buy her?
- A chocolate with hazelnuts!
- Well, this is what you call a surprise?!
- Well, yes, because she was expecting a dress!

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A man with a sad face enters a bar and asks for a beer.
The bartender asks him: What's wrong with the long face?
The man answers: I argued with my wife and she said she won't talk to me for a month!
Bartender: And what's the problem?
The man: Well, the month ends tonight!!

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